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My name is Ona Cavassa and I have recently joined the Marek Sunrider team as an IBO.  I am really excited about this opportunity to tell everyone about the special alkaline beverages and foods that are part of an important “Nourish, Cleanse and Balance” lifestyle and the Vitalite program that provides weight loss, regeneration and optimal health advantages.

I am a true believer that everyone can achieve great health by consuming healthy foods such as Sunrider that will “Nourish, Cleanse and Balance” the system along with at least 30 minutes a day of exercise.

Should you have any questions or would like information about the Sunrider products please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Ona Cavassa – Sunrider IBO & Great Health Enthusiast

Direct Line:  602-920-2756




Laura Smitherman’s Sunrider Testimonial

Laura Smitherman’s Sunrider Story of Health and Wellness

Sunrider Independent Business Owner


November of 2009 I ate something that caused me to have an allergic reaction.


Thanksgiving with my relatives around my stress increased and I ended up with swollen and painful ankles, feet, wrists and hands.  My husband bought me ankle braces and I slept with ice packs on my feet and ankles.


January 2010 I went to a REIKI master for help.  She put me in a deep relaxation which helped tremendously.  She also told me to start eating organic foods.


In February one of the Ahwatukee (where I live in Phoenix, AZ) newspapers had an article about a woman named Christine Marek who was holding health and wellness classes at the local library.  She introduced me to Sunrider Herbal foods.


The Sunrider Herbal foods are so much more than just eating organic foods.


Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, who grew up in China, had become a pharmacist and learned about food combining and created the whole-food product line of nutrition called Sunrider.  These products truly provide beneficial effects on our bodies.


In 1986 I had stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma that had spread from a mass under my sternum to my lungs, kidneys, gallbladder, intestines and eventually my spine and cerebellum.  I received chemotherapy and radiation for one year.


Now in my 50’s, drinking Calli tea has increased my brain function and clarity.  Fortune delight has helped me to loose weight and maintain a more efficient digestive system.  I no longer have heart-burn and have regular bowel movements.  I also do not suffer from frequent headaches and my hair and skin are in better, healthy condition.



God gave us an immune system to keep us healthy, but we have fallen for the lies about nutrition from the Beef, Dairy, Carbonated beverage, Vitamin and Pharmaceutical industries.


When we learn about and experience Whole Food nutrition and feel the effects in our bodies and mind, we realize we can have the health God intended.


Sincerely yours in wellness,


Laura Smitherman

March 2011