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Sunrider Quality Products.. Part II

Instead of… Enjoy this Sunrider product!
Anti-bacterial hand cleansers Kandesn® Hand Cleansing Gel
Soaps Oi-Lin® Liquid Soap, Kandesn® Beauty Bar
Body Lotions Kandesn®, Oi-Lin®, and Dr. Chen Hand & Body Lotions
Relaxation, Aromatherapy, & Exfoliating Products Oi-Lin® Firming & Moisturizing Scrub, Kandesn® Spa Products
Deodorant SunSmile® Herbal Deodorant
Shampoo & Conditioner Kandesn®, Oi-Lin®, and Kandesn® Spa Shampoos & Conditioners
Hair styling products Kandesn® Hair Care Products
Hair coloring Dr. Chen® Herbal Hair Color
Liquid and powder foundations Kandesn® Protective Foundation SPF 15, Kandesn® Creamy Powder, Kandesn® Dual Pressed Powder
Loose powder Kandesn® Sheer Silk Translucent Powder
Blush & eyeshadow palettes or compacts Kandesn® Blush & Eyeshadow Refills, Kandesn® Advisor and Mini-Compact Compact Cases
Eye pencil, eyeliner, and mascara Kandesn® Eyetrim Pencil, Kandesn® Liquid Eyeliner, Kandesn® Lash Enhancer Mascara
Lipsticks, lip pencil, lip gloss Kandesn® Moisturizing Lip Colors, Kandesn® Lip Liner Pencil, Kandesn® Lip Gloss
Nail polish and nail polish remover Kandesn® Nail Lacquer, Kandesn® Nail Lacquer Remover & Conditioner
Make-up Brushes Kandesn® Brushes
Mirror, magnifying mirror Kandesn® Mirror
Perfumes and colognes Kandesn® Parfums and Colognes
Toothpaste SunSmile® Herbal Toothpaste
Teeth whitener SunSmile® Herbal Whitening Gel
Mouthwash SunSmile® Refresher Drops
Breath mints or chewing gum SunSmile® Tabs
Water, produce rinses SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse
Kitchen cleaners, dishwashing soap, bathroom cleaners, household cleaners SunBright® Household SuperClean
Laundry detergent SunBright® Laundry SuperClean
Laundry bleach, chrome and kitchen appliance cleaners SunBright® Bleach
Glass, mirror, and window cleaners SunBright® Glass Cleaner
Water bottle, beverage bottle Sunrider® Shaker Bottle, SR Sports Bottle


Switch to Quality Sunrider Products


Switch Brands to Sunrider - Part I


Do you want to feel and look great? Are you concerned about the environment and its impact on your family? Do you want to maintain good health and well-being? Sunrider is the answer. We offer a vast array of high quality products for all your nutritional, beauty, and household needs. Our products have great marketing potential because they are safe, plant-based, concentrated, specially formulated, and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities. Best of all, when you use our award-winning products, you can make money, too! Just switch brands to Sunrider, and you will enjoy the best products and the best opportunity. 


Here’s an example of how you can switch brands to Sunrider in your home! 


Healthy, Wealthy Sunrider Home

Instead of…  Enjoy this Sunrider product!  
Protein shake  VitaShake 
Oatmeal or cereal  NuPlus®  
Meal replacement bar, protein bar, or candy bar  Vitalite® SunBar® 
Chips  NuPuffs®  
Marinade, BBQ sauce, or other condiments  Dr. Chen Secret Sauce 
Instead of…  Enjoy this Sunrider product!  
Coffee  Calli® Tea 
Water or soft drinks  Fortune Delight® 
Fruit juice  VitaFruit® 
Sugar or artificial sweeteners  SunnyDew or Sunectar® 
Instead of…  Enjoy this Sunrider product!  
Multivitamin  Metabalance 44® 
Calcium supplement  Herb Cal Tab 
Vitamin C supplement  Citric C Tab 
Weight management supplements  Vitalite® Products 
Energy supplements  Sunrider® Formulas for Active People 
Preventative & health maintenance supplements  Sunrider® Herbal Concentrates 
Herbal supplements  Sunrider® Single Herbs 
Instead of…  Enjoy this Sunrider product!  
Department-store skin care  Kandesn®, Oi-Lin®, or Dr. Chen skin care 
Age-defying creams, anti-wrinkle creams, refining creams, etc.  Oi-Lin® and Dr. Chen special skin care 
Facials or masks  Oi-Lin® Masks 
Sunscreen  Oi-Lin® Sunscreens