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Why should you drink Calli Tea?? My story-Christine Marek


11.8.2010- My life has changed so much for the better since I have been eating Sunrider foods.

Before I was introduced to Sunrider, I lived an unhealthy life of chronic pain and limitations. Both mentally and physically I felt myself degenerating. My concentration and memory was awful. I lived in a fog from the medication I was taking to numb the pain all over my body. I was tired and depressed with life.

My parents told me to go to the doctor when you are sick and that’s what I did time and time again. Doctors I met with for evaluations said I had a bad case of candida (yeast eating my body). Other doctors told me that my endometriosis was extreme and that I would need to live with the pain. I had three surgeries (ablations) to remove the endometriosis and ovarian cysts that grew and grew back in my body over and over again. More doctors I met told me I had annoying pre-menopause symptoms and suggested I experiment with hormones to help. In the meantime, my hands, neck, knees and back all began developing arthritis and my skin was wrinkling and developing liver spots at an alarming rate.

I was in my early forties and feeling old, already. The recession had taken away my medical coverage and I didn’t have the extra household money to find out specifically if I had fibromyalgia. The pain was getting worse as I hit my mid 40′s. Now I was living with migraines. 

I LOVE to be active both mentally and physically. I hated being overweight and laying in bed with the pain. I had such frustrations just being able to talk, work out details and focus. I had to find a way away from the medication crutches and feel better.  I am not lazy, I am a fighter and I began fighting for my life back.

In March of 2009, I met a client that shared with me her Sunrider foods. I liked them right away. They made me feel so good when I ate them. I’d already known the power of herbs and how they could heal. So I gave then a try. Then I bought the Sunrider SunPack. This is the Nourish, Cleanse and Balance Sunrider package that got me started on a lifetime of Sunrider foods. These are the same foods I eat everyday of my well life now.  The are Calli and Fortune teas, SunnyDew (Stevia), NuPlus (food), and Quinary (food).

These foods made such a dramatic difference in my life and my loved ones lives. By June 2009 I began facilitating community wellness classes to share these foods with others. People came to the classes sharing their wellness stories and exploring Sunrider with me.

At the beginning of 2010, my talented husband created this wonderful website for me, and since then I give these same foods to others daily.  

It’s such a gift to provide to anyone who wants to see what these foods can do for them. That’s why I give them to people all over the world to try. Just like I’ll do for you!

Today, I no longer live with chronic pain. The Sunrider foods helped me to feel better very quickly. My thoughts are clear and positive. My weight is 118lbs, I am 5 ’2″, 47 years old. I am a body builder, an avid hiker, a business volunteer, business owner, wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend.

I love life again to its fullest and I encourage you to join me to be MaxFit with Sunrider. It’s easy, affordable and the best present you could ever give yourself.

Live don’t diet, be well for a lifetime! As Socrates said so long ago and the truth lives on.. “Let food be our medicine”.

Let Sunrider be a part of your food for optimal health.

Yours in healthy support,

Christine Marek/ Sunrider and Wellness Consultant – p. 480.491.9551

P.S. Ask me how my loved one got off his MS medication by eating Sunrider foods.

Are you looking for more focus and mental clarity?

Top®, Joi®, & Ese®: Sunrider’s Solution for Well-Being, Mental Clarity, and Focus

In order to achieve total balance, both the mind and body need to be in harmony—connected, stable, and sharp. We offer Top®, Joi®, & Ese® to help achieve balance between both the body and mind, creating a connection that’s essential for total wellness.

These supplements are ideal for students who need to concentrate for extended periods of time, and for people who want to improve performance and cognitive ability while under stress at work or in everyday life. Made with only the choicest herbs harvested at their peak, these concentrates help optimize your ability to think clearly and maintain mental focus.*

Top® promotes mental and emotional balance by nourishing the body with select ingredients.* You’ll enjoy an enhanced sense of overall well-being, enabling you to think clearly with heightened focus.* Key ingredients include Chinese mint leaf and ionicera japonica.

“It makes me feel on top of the world. It really works great in concert with Joi® and Ese® for overall connection between mind and body and it provides me with great mental clarity.” 
Gloria Ann Englund, Golden Group Business Leader, Richfield, MN

Joi® is designed to address the musculoskeletal system, including structural support and joint function, so that you feel in balance, with enhanced calmness and mental sharpness.* Key ingredients include eleuthero and white willow bark.

“I’m very physical and Joi® just helps my sense of well-being. It helps keep me moving and gets me through the day. I also like to hike and backpack on my days off and Joi® helps my body maintain its endurance.” Kathy Spiller, Business Leader, Spring Valley, CA

Ese® is designed to nourish the body to support your natural ability to maintain concentration, clear focus, and mental clarity.* You can think of Ese® as “food for thought.” Key ingredients include uncaria rhynchophylla stem and aster tataricus root.

“Ese® is my friend. It helps relieve the stress of life’s hassles that can tax the nervous system. With Ese® I feel like I can approach tough, stressful situations in a calmer demeanor and not let my emotions get the best of me.” 
Barbara Moore, Golden Group Business Leader, Escondido, CA

For more info or if you wish to order these wonderful Sunrider products, call Christine Marek. 480.491.9551.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.