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At work.. LIVE don’t Diet (lifestyle article series)


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This article continues a series about choosing to LIVE for optimal health and leave behind the diet.

A few weeks ago, I did it! I took a vacation and didn’t gain a pound. I was crazy happy about this.
It was because Sunrider came on the trip with me and I shared with you how it worked so easily. (Go to the tab below and see this article about Travel.. LIVE don’t Diet.
Now, I’m back at work.
How do I LIVE don’t Diet at work?
This is a big issue for me because I’m at work a LOT.
And Sunrider comes with me to work in so many convenient ways.

Here’s how…
In the morning I make my Calli tea, put it in a thermos and take it to my office.
I add the SunnyDew to my tea, too, which keeps me from craving all those sugary donuts and breakfast cereals.
What else do I take to the office… is my SunBreeze oil for tension headaches and sore muscles and tired fingers from typing. (It also keeps the mosquitoes and bees away from my office, too).
I bring my Sunrider snacks, too! The SunBar can be my lunch when I am really busy and the NuPuffs work wonders with afternoon sugar cravings and hunger pains. I know I need to eat every 3 hours for my metabolism to stay up and going so Sunrider is there for me.
Fortune Delight teas are my hydrating friend throughout myu midday and afternoon. I have at least a half a gallon of it by my desk to sip on. This tea helps me loose weight, it cleanses me, keeps my skin hydrated and I have wonderful energy with it. YUM!
That’s how I work and LIVE not Diet. It feels so good.
Give me a shout if you have ANY questions about this Nourish, Balance, Cleanse program for optimal health.
Yours truly,

Christine Marek/ p. 480.491.9551/ Sunrider Rep. and Wellness Consultant

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Protect our right to enjoy supplements!

It is up to us to protect the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) to take dietary supplements. In a recent report, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended that the Food and Drug Administration( FDA) evaluate the benefits of nutritional supplements “with the same rigor” as it evaluates approval of synthetic drugs.

Attacks on health freedom will continue and the primary target will be the DSHEA that helps maintain separation between supplements and drugs. Visit and join the Nutritional Health Alliance and use its resources to contact your local elected officials. Let our government know that the IOM is out of line, that supplements are not drugs and that DSHEA must be preserved at all costs.

Christine Marek

What Sunrider does for me! Sharon says…

This is a testimonial from Sharon in Utah.

We are here in Utah.  It is very hot and dry.  I don’t know how I can exist without my Kandesn skin care products, and those with SPF to protect our skin from the sun.

The other morning while picking my raspberries, I got stung with a wasp.  Wow, was that painful.  But luckily, I had a small Sun Breeze Balm in my pocket.  I got it quickly on, but my hand really swelled up, before I could get our Clay Mask.  When I found it, I applied it all over the back of my hand.  That really helped.  Now when  I get ready to go to the garden, besides the sunscreen, I rub Sun Breeze on the back of my neck to keep the mosquitoes from biting me, and rub Sun Breeze on the back of my hand, to keep from getting stung again, as the bees and wasps don’t like the smell of Sun Breeze and fly the other way.

And to handle the high temperatures here in Utah, I am using a few drops of Electrosport in my SR bottle of  Fortune Delight.  That makes a huge difference in being able to tolerate the heat.  Fortune  Delight is so important do drink plenty of it this time of year, and we really do.  It just disappears out of the fridge, when we make up a gallon or so.
I also like to add Sunny Dew to add extra flavor.  The Sunny Dew balances the pungent taste of Electrosport.  I add about 1/2 of a bottle of Electrosport  to 1 gallon or 4 liters of Fortune Delight.  I love the Peach and Raspberry flavors.   I hope this helps you to endure the sunny summer here in this part of the world.  It is amazing to think that in Australia it is winter this time of year.  And when I visit Australia, it is usually in the Summer there.  I really have to plan on taking Electrosport with me. It is the only way I survived the heat, no matter where in the world I am.
Thank you,  Sharon for sharing these tips with us.
Christine Marek/p. 480.491.9551/ Sunrider Rep. and Wellness Consultant