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SunBreeze Oil, Calli and Fortune Delight teas, NuPlus- Must haves for your kitchen cabinets- Here’s Why!

Thanks for finding me on the web.
My name is Christine Marek. I’m a wellness consultant who provides information on this website about whole food nutrition with the special emphasis on Sunrider teas and foods.

My whole food tip today is about Sunrider’s SunBreeze oil.
Yesterday my 15 year old son severally twisted his foot during football practice. When we first saw his right foot it was hugely swollen and causing him a terrible amount of pain. Immediately we got the ice out, elevated the foot and rubbed in the SunBreeze oil. Sunbreeze oil is a combination of extracted plants.

My son’s foot today is looking so much better! Thank Goodness. We are all amazing how this mangled foot today barely hurts him, most of the swelling has gone down and there is hardly any bruising.

I love to tell people about how wonderful this SunBreeze Oil is for anyone. I use it for open scrapes and sores, headaches, congestion, etc. and love how it helps me. It’s a multi-purpose natural oil that is a must have in your home.

For more info about what SunBreeze oil does, what it’s made of and how I and others use it for decades than contact me at or call me at 480.491.9551.

I love helping them find nutrition answers to their wellness challenges.
Calli tea, NuPlus, Fortune Delight, Quinary, are other helpful, natural product. They area about nutrition- finding ways to Nourish, Balance and Cleanse!
Let me know if I can mail you a sample of some of these wonderful products.

Be well,

Christine Marek

Looking for Sunrider’s Calli or Fortune Delight Teas… Call me- 480.491-9551

It’s incredible how you and I have just met.
People like YOU find my website, from all over the world.
All kinds of people from young to old, very well to very ill. Their commonality is wellness.

I love helping them find nutrition answers to their wellness challenges.
Here is one example I answered just this month.

Jamie from Yorba Linda, CA, USA, is a Spinning Teacher. (An activity involving very fast stationary bicyles is called Spinning). She wanted to find a better way to be hydrated, receive great energy, burn fat and also add in more nutritionto her water. She remember trying Fortune Delight Tea in the past. She couldn’t find it in the stores so she found me on the internet with this website.

Once she reached me by phone I helpled Jamie order the teas. Sent her samples of other flavors she hadn’t tried. Set up a Sunrider account for her to use conveniently anytime, 24/7. And I mailed her some additional nutrition info she could share with her class.

That’s what I do! I am here for you, for your Sunrider needs, questions and whole food nutrition advice.
I’ll help you order what you want and find the very best discounts for you. Plus, I love to send Sunrider gifts to you, too.

Call me today when you need a Sunrider, Whole Food Nutrition Friend who is a support person for your optimal long life!

Be well,

Christine Marek/ 480.491.9551; toll free- 1866-456-4701/

Look for ENZYMES when buying Health Foods- Calli Tea has them!

The Secret of Enzymes Plus an Odd Fact: Most Health Foods are a Waste of Money!
Here’s a reality shocker- You can take vitamins, minerals and antioxidants by the handful and still suffer poor health. Now we know why. Our diets lack a vital food — a type of nutrient that even some alternative doctors don’t know about. I’m talking about enzymes.

Thanks to enzyme supplements, like Quinary.. Sunrider’s Super Food or Sunrider’s teas- Calli and Fortune Delight teas with enzymes, people are experiencing the power of regeneration. Did you know… enzyme supplements are among the top-selling pain-relievers in Germany and they’re even used by the German Olympic team.

Research indicates that enzymes in general improve circulation and can outperform blood-clot and blood-thinning drugs. (Good-bye, warfarin!) They’ve even helped 9 out of 10 autistic children. I recently received a letter about a mother whose 7-year-old autistic son was almost completely cured after she learned how nutrition heals and started giving him enzymes.

This letter came to me out of the blue. The mother wrote, “He has basically been nonverbal until summer of 2009, he started talking one day and has never stopped!!!” She adds, “The enzymes have kept my 3-year-old son, Noah’s eczema AWAY! ”

How can something so simple as enzymes possibly do all this? Just ask yourself: What if you were getting NO vitamins in your diet because you either cooked the life out of them or the foods in the box never had life in them to give you. You’d be very sick if you didn’t have nutrition, right?

Well that’s what has been happening to most American’s and they don’t even know it.
It’s a proven scientific fact, foods with enzymes give life. Sunrider foods have enzymes and that’s a wonderful thing for those who want great, nutritious food.

To find out more about the Nourish, Balance and Cleanse (NBC) program with Sunrider foods call or email me. NBC Sunrider foods like NuPlus, VitaShake, SunnyDew Stevia, Calli Tea, Fortune Delight Tea, SunBars, NuPuffs and Quinary.

I’d be happy to help you to LIVE a healthier life. Say goodbye to the four letter word, diet. And stop eating foods that can’t help you and hurt you.
Look for foods with LIFE! Eat foods with enzymes.

Be well,
Christine Marek
Sunrider Business Owner/ Wellnes Consultant- p. 480.491.9551/

Experts say “Tougher Times” are ahead. Be prepared with Sunrider Foods and Teas

Scarey times when we see that Tony Robbins (motivational speaker) and Richard Kyiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) are warning that life will get harder before it gets better. Here is a little of what these people are saying…

Taxes will go out of sight, and corporations, in response to the increased corporate taxes, will pass that cost on to the consumer with higher prices for goods.

–The are warning us now to act now to protect your future


Stop squandering your money and invest in your food supply, necessities and items that can be used for barter. Get a dehydrator and vacuum pack the food. We cant be certain that we would have refrigeration.

Grow your own food and invest in pure, healthy food products that can easily be stored. Our food is now being poisoned. (Monsanto has genetically modified the seeds, combining them with pesticides [poison])

The foods that arent poisoned are irradiated which kills the vital enzymes. Is it any wonder that there is an increase of cancer and strange new diseases that doctors dont have any idea how to treat.

I have found two products which are sustainable, grown on soils which arent depleted, and are not combined with poisons.

One is Sunrider’s NuPlus (meal), a combination of 40 fruits, vegetables and herbs. The extracted concentrated, powdered meal is packaged to easily stored and hidden if needed. It has a shelf life of @ 3 years. Also look at Sunrider’s Vitashake. This also contains scores of plants stored in their live enzyme forms. They are amazing.

Both products are alkaline and serve to heal the body. Eat them on a daily basis plus store them for the future.

Article provided by Kaye Loraine…. thank you, Kaye

Christine Marek
Sunrider Business Owner- for all your Sunrider needs call me at 480.491.9551