1st Day Detox- Business lunch challenge

Yes, I started the 10 day Sunrider detox today, 1.17.11.

I went to the gym and the scale says I am just over 127 at 5 feet two inches.

I’d like to detox and loose 3- 5 pounds with the 10 day plan.

My first challenge was a business lunch I had to attend.

At the lunch were turkey sandwiches,  salad,  sodas, chips and chocolate cake.

I put on my plate the salad and the turkey sandwich.

Then I cut up the turkey from the sandwich and mixed it in the salad.

No dressing was added because all of the choices had sugar or diary in them.

And I did not eat the cheese or the bread with the sandwich.

It was good. I was hungry when I got back to the office so I ate a gala apple.

Oh yes, and I brought my Sunrider calli tea thermos to drink at lunch.

So I stayed on track! Now let’s see if I cheat right before bed. That’s my weakest moment of the day.

Wish me luck and let me know how you are doing.



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